Can this baseball season last?

It did not take long until the coronavirus hit the fan again.

After Major League Baseball restarted its season over the weekend, it started the week by announcing the Miami Marlins had 11 players and two coaches tested positive for coronavirus. On Tuesday, four more players from the same team tested positive, ratcheting up to 15 overall. This comes after Washington Nationals star Juan Soto tested positive last week, and Cincinnati Reds designated hitter Matt Davidson tested positive on Saturday.

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported that the Marlins allegedly went out in Atlanta to have a good time after the team’s exhibition matchup with the Atlanta Braves last week, which several of their players contracted COVID-19.

It created repercussions alright. It prevented the Yankees from going to Philadelphia to play Joe Girardi’s Philadelphia Phillies for two games because the Marlins were just there to play an Opening Series. The Yankees would have been in that same dugout that the Marlins were in, and understandably, they wouldn’t take a risk. It also delayed the Yankees home opener on Wednesday as the Phillies won’t be coming to New York to complete the home-and-home series.

Instead, the Yankees home opener will be this weekend when they play the Boston Red Sox, and they will play the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards for a two-game series Wednesday.

The Washington Nationals refused to go to Miami and play the Marlins for this coming weekend’s series.

The Phillies will resume play on Friday to play the Toronto Blue Jays at Citizens Bank Park.

Meanwhile, no one knows when the Marlins will play again. Major League Baseball should force the Marlins to forfeit the season after being so irresponsible, and it should fine the team. They knew better, and they decided to have fun. One must wonder if they were contending, would they be behaving reckless?

It would be a shame if the Marlins ruin this season and cost other teams a chance to win a championship. They clearly couldn’t care less since it’s not their problem. No one would blame other fanbases if they ever thought the Marlins did this intentionally.

Here’s the question no one wants to know: How much worse will it get?

This isn’t going to go away anytime soon. With players understandably worrying about their health, it could get worse before it even gets better. They may just want to not play if it gets worse, and no one can blame them.

The fans don’t like to hear this. They experienced four months with no sports. They have been out of jobs for a while since this invisible enemy plagued the world. They need entertainment just to forget the coronavirus.

This weekend turned out to be fun for the fans whether it was Jacob deGrom pitching a gem or Yoenis Cespedes being the unexpected hero on Opening Day or Gleyber Torres putting on a clutch performance on Sunday or just seeing competition and talking about it. It represented normalcy in a sense diversion helped people forget about what has gone on the last few months.

Teams planned ahead to make sure they stay safe, social distance and wash their hands. Only one team didn’t seem to care.

Dr. Anthony Fauci pounced on this to continue to feed his attention-starved ego by saying the season could get canceled as a result of the Marlins’ actions.

We knew this season could be on peril when the 60-game season was announced. No one knew it could happen right away.

All fans can do is take one day at a time and go from there, which has been the M.O. of life since the pandemic hit in March. They should enjoy every good moment going on in sports and hope it does not get worse.

No one can rest easy until there’s a vaccine that kills coronavirus. It could happen next year, but that’s no guarantee that it can work. If nothing else, the invisible enemy reminded that it won’t go away anytime soon, if ever.

Forget about coronavirus having an effect on sports. It could have an effect on the school season. Chances are great we won’t have school this fall because it would be hard to do social distancing, and people will continue to be out of jobs.

We can forget about the politicians coming up with solutions since they are not smart enough to come up with one.

Understandably, everyone grew weary about the coronavirus, and CNN does not help matters by pouncing on this and sensationalizing it.

The Marlins made COVID-19 bigger than life of their own doing.

Now, we await to see what else can go wrong.

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